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Logs and Lumber

eneers are Nature lending her beauty to us, one slice at a time.

To see a sculpture in a rock;
To see a painting in an empty canvas;
To see a veneer in a log of wood;
That is the work of art.

The manner, in which a log of timber is transformed into, beautifully patterned, exquisitely textured, distinctly colored, delicately sliced veneers, requires exceptional artistry. At Truwood, we are privileged to be playing a catalyst in this amazing process of creation.


A true story

It is said “art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary”. The transformation of a log of timber into delicately sliced veneers is one such instance. This transformation has been the joie de vivre at Truwood, since its inception in 1999. And ever since, our passion for wood has rubbed off on everything we do – the way we think, work and interact. Our veneers in turn, metamorphose everyday furniture into objet d’ art, giving them a distinct personality in terms of style, elegance and sophistication.

No two veneer buyers are the same.
Thankfully, no two veneers are the same either.

Veneers get their uniqueness form their grain (texture you can fell), figure (pattern you can see), smell, and natural luster (the ability of wood cells to reflect light.) these features vary, in different species, according to naturally occurring factors, and within the same species, according to the way a log is sliced.

There are many ways of slicing logs: crown/flat cut, half crown cut, quarter cut, rift cut, rotary cut, to name a few. Each cut produces a different figure and grain in the veneer.

Veneers also vary in their respective quality. Three features set superior veneer apart from the rest: uniform thickness, clearly visible figure and well-defined grain. These features are influenced by the quality of the logs and the climatic conditions in which they are sliced. Preferably, each log should be sliced in the natural climate where it is grown as this aids in preserving the features of the log.

Truwood veneers are cut at the same place where the lumber is drawn from – in exotic places located in Europe, America and Africa. Reason why Truwood veneers have the international standard thickness of 0.6mm as opposed to the 0.3mm-0.4mm thick veneers cut in India. These veneers are handpicked by our experts and brought to our factors. And are then readied to be used by wood craftsmen all over the country.