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Having set the industry standard in consistently staying abreast of the latest in technology, Truwood now ushers in a revolutionary concept - Truwood “ZERO-IN” Blockboard.

Zero in on International Quality

Truwood “ZEROIN” is composed of pure Swiss pine timber and presents an optimal combination of durability and strength.
ZERO-IN” offers a solution that meets all your furniture be it door paneling, furniture, shelving or standard partitions.

Zero in on Extreme Durability

Regular blockboards consist of manually composed wooden strips or battens which are susceptible to bending and warping. Furthermore the small, structurally unsound gaps between the battens become all the more obvious when the board is cut. Truwood “ZERO-IN”, on the other hand, is made up of edge-glued battens with industrial glue being applied to each and every batten for enhanced bonding. Each “ZERO-IN” plank is also individually planed for uniform thickness and smoothness.

In an automated process, these aligned solid wood strips are then laminated, under extreme pressure, to form a virtually gapless solid core panel. This gapless frame possesses a high resistance to warping and cracking and is veneered on both sides to achieve a gapless lumber core board.

Zero in to Bridge the Gap

ZERO-IN” comes in a wide range of sizes and finishes. Simple to install, the absence of gaps between the battens allows for easy screwing and nailing. The absence of gaps also means that nearly 5% more solid wood is used in the manufacturing process lending Truwood “ZERO-IN” an incredible structural strength.