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Australian Veneers
Australia is blessed by a great natural diversity of extremely high quality timber. Australia's forests and landscapes are some of the richest and most diverse in the world - from the lush tropical rainforests in the North to the delicate ecoregion of Southwest Australia.
Australian native forest has evolved alongside bushfires, with many species dependent upon the heat of fires to spur the release of seeds. Whilst fire is an essential element of the Australian bush, it can turn into a ferocious and devastating force if uncontrolled.
Australian veneers come in an astounding range of colours and textures, each one more enticing than the next. However, the harsh Australian environment produces various marks in timber. Such environmental effects include patterns caused by redsoil and marks caused by fire. These fire marks are a distinguishing feature of Australian Veneers.

The majority of the veneers have been obtained either from privately managed plantations or from environmentally sustainable Australian state forests. From the swamps of north-west Tasmania, to private plantations of Victoria to native aboriginal forests of Queensland – TRUWOODS brings to you the aboriginal veeners of australia

Veneers Australia offers a Dark & Black Fiery veneers which is the preferred choice for contemporary and modern style of interiors

Truwoods has always been at the vanguard of innovation in wood, offering you the widest range of European, South East Asian, American & African veneers. Veneers Australia is a first in India - yet another feather in the already well adorned cap of Truwoods.


The Australian Veneer Range

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