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Fashion refers to the styles and trends prevalent at a given time. The term “fashion” is frequently used, as a synonym for glamour, beauty and style. In its most common usage, “fashion” exemplifies the appearances of clothing, but the term includes much more.

In the present time and age, fashion is not just restricted to clothes but there are art mediums like music, films, modern art and INTERIORS that also share a fashion perspective. The influence of fashion can also be observed in the changing trends of cuisine.

FASHION, by description, changes constantly. The fashion savvy world is changing at the fastest possible speed. Today’s fashion will soon be outdated or history tomorrow. Items considered stylish a few months ago can be completely forgotten, while older styles become modern classics.

Just as wearing dark colors makes a lady look slim and accentuates the purse that she is carrying, dark walls and floors make a room look sleek – and provide a dramatic backdrop for brightly colored accessories. A man’s attire can communicate a lot about his personality, and temperament. Clothes create an image about the wearer in the minds of other people. Similar is the case with what you use in your interiors! Is that just a mere coincidence?

No! We, at Truwoods, have realized that trends in interiors closely mirror trends in the world of fashion. Different parts of the world follow different distinguished fashion rules. We are, therefore, actively involved in tracking fashion trends ruling across the meccas of design viz. Milan, Paris, London & New York, to identify the showstoppers on the ramp which would be a fashion statement in interior design tomorrow.

A collection of such couture and prêt –a-porter veneers has been painstakingly put together by Truwoods as FASHION VENEERS. A range of Haute & Glamourous Veneers being added to our existing iconic ranges Cappuccino, Cocktail & Bar-b-que to add a tinge of glamour to these hot runaway hits.


The Fashion Veneer Range

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