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The grain, the colour, the texture, the rich natural warm allure. No two pieces of timber are ever exactly the same. But this is where the attraction begins. Each wood panel tells its own story, evokes a reaction, conjures an atmosphere. It has the look, a style, a character as individual as each of us.

Truwood Edge-IT – Cutting Edge Solutions For Furniture Design

With all the warm, rich beauty of wood, Multilayer Veneers Edges from Truwood® delivers nature at her best, evoking a myriad of stylish impressions. From the distinguished presence of Sublime Walnut, the intricate patterning of Anegre Fiddleback, the alluring texture of Regal Jarrah to the cool restrained subtlety of American Maple, each singular edge has its own personality, with its unique grain, colour, pattern and feel, as individual as a human fingerprint. Sourced from timber species all around the globe, Truwood Veneer Edges provide a diverse range of possibilities to balance, enhance and beautify any environment and evoke that desired ambience.

Truwood Edge-IT is an economical and ecological alternative to solid timber and because it is more consistent in grain structure and colour, and is often more appropriate. The veneering itself involves the bonding together of thin layers of an attractive veneer, by use of specially formulated PVA resins, making it extremely stable when properly applied and in contrast to solid timber, movement and cracking of veneer edge is minimal.


Truwood meticulously selects every Veneer surface forming part of the edging to ensure the quality of the grain and colour. A colour coordinated homogeneous veneer selection guarantees the solid wood character of this multilayered thick edgebanding. It is perfectly suitable for the economic application onto high quality boards. In this way the beauty of real timber is consistently delivered with the versatility, machinability and strength of solid wood. Extremely functional, Truwood Edge-IT can be used in many situations and is particularly ideal for all detail joinery, high quality furniture, feature walls, shelving and kitchens. Apart from aesthetic considerations. this product is best suited for applications which demand a durable edge.

Many different finishes can be achieved and unlike synthetic alternatives, veneer edges may be repaired and refurbished while in use. And Veneer edges co-ordinates harmoniously with the entire range of Truwood Veneers. Truwood offers Edges in both Designed Timber Veneers and Natural Timber Veneers. The procedures adopted for the manufacturing of each of these materials is far more efficient and environmentally sympathetic than the use of solid timbers.

Focus on the edge - In addition to the standard long grain edges, Truwood also offers Cross Grain Veneer edges-

The structure of Truwood Edge-IT Cross grain veneer edging runs vertical to the banding, as the name states, and not parallel to the veneer as in regular banding. Thereby edges become optically accentuated eye catchers and are used effectively for a variety of design elements.