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Its about time that you develop a liking to smoque, as Smoqued BAR-B-QUE Veneers are the next big thing when it comes to interiors.

Smoque (smok) BAR-B-QUE Veneers are natural veneers which have been darkened by a simulated and accelerated ageing process. Thereby, they do not utilize any dyes / stains to get the dark smoky colors.

There is a science to cooking great barbeque. We believe barbecue is at its best when all of its powerful flavors combine and harmonize. The natural grain of veneer; the savory flavor of wood smoke; the spiciness of color-- when these elements are in balance, you have the perfect Smoque BAR-B-QUE Veneer. Handrubbed with a secret blend of tongue-tingling spices, pit-smoked for 3-4 days, slathered in sauce, then flame-kissed on the grill.

We’ve worked hard to match the right cut of veneer with the right color, wood smoke, and cooking technique. Our proprietary sauces and rubs are lovingly crafted from scratch in a connoisseur’s kitchen resulting in the hottest shades of veneers.

Just as your favorite BAR-B-QUE - Chicken tikka or paneer tikka - tastes a wee bit different everytime you order it, each batch of smoqued BAR-B-QUE veneers would be different. The vagaries of the accelerated ageing process coupled with variations in properties of each individual log makes each batch of Smoqued BAR-B-QUE veneers unique in its own way. Color & Hue variations between batches are natural and must be expected.

Not everyone likes to smoque and not everyone likes his BAR-B-QUE, the way we do. But that’s just fine.This is the way we BAR-B-QUE, because this is the way we think it should be done. We invite you to stop by soon, check out our lip-smacking range and see if you agree.


The Barbeque Veneer Range

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