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You might look at two elements and think they don't belong together, but when you see them either mixed or matched, they work from spicy combinations to hues that warm the soul, today's trends contain elements that work independently or as a subtle backdrop where accessories take center stage. Essentially it is the newness, the freshness, and the individual taste coming through strongly without sticking to the prevalent norms. Connoisseurs agree that, now, there are no rules. Eclectic is the key word.

Almost like a cocktail.

Cocktails have been mixed and matched with various ingredients through the ages but it is the experienced band which brings uniqueness to each cocktail, by personalizing it to the requirement of the patron. What these cocktails have is that they feature the flavor of the season and display an appreciation for the art of modern mixology - combining ingredients that are not typically thought of in pairings.

We at Truwood, believe that the current trend in interior design is akin to the philosophy behind cocktails. A cocktail of colors; a cocktail of ideas; a cocktail of personal tastes; a cocktail of veneers.

Truwood is proud to launch "Cocktail Veneers". A range of tasty, cool & spicy veneers. A range that promises to elevate your interiors to a new high. A range that has the perfect mix of ingredients to suit your taste and style. A range where every veneer has been carefully selected to draw on the trends currently sweeping through the world.

Each veneer is more intoxicating than the next. Go ahead, get high.

The Cocktail Range

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