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Finger Jointed Panels
World over, the building industry is making the shift to a revolutionary new concept - Finger Jointed Panel.

Made of individual pieces of solid wood, Finger Jointed Panels are non-toxic, environment friendly, and amazingly lightweight. Proven to be structurally stronger, gram for gram, than any other substance on earth, Finger Jointed Board is the answer to all your building requirements. Truwoods Pvt. Ltd., India's premier plywood and veneer manufacturing company, now brings you this next generation technology. In the form of Hexawood - a range of products that comfortably exceed international quality standards.

Extremely cost-effective, Hexacore helps reduce core density dramatically, and finds application in Kitchen cabinets, partition panels, and various furniture solutions

Homes, Offices, Workshops, Hotels, Panels Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture, office interiors & partition systems etc.

13mm, 15mm, 18mm & 24mm

Its time you shifted to Hexawood, and discovered never before strongness, strength and aesthetic appeal.