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Group Philosophy
The Truwood Team



Qualitative production is our motto & we strive to achieve it.

The experience of the group & the expertise of a dedicated workforce along with a state of the art technology have optimized this quality production.

Highly trained personnel closely monitor the available resources to minimize the waste allocation.

Our quality policy also has the distinctive advantage of covering all areas of activities, right from logs up to the stage of the finished product being delivered.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

Everybody talks about quality. Everybody wants quality. However, how does one define quality?

We at Truwood have our own definition and understanding of quality :

Quality means best materials.

Quality means perfect craftsmanship.

Quality means innovation.

Quality means sustainability.

Quality means diversity.

Last but not least,

Quality means charisma.

Truwood endeavors to encompass each of these elements in its everyday working and as a result each product is a result of the best raw material crafted together by experienced workmen. Innovative new ranges & innovative new production techniques go a long way to create a diverse range of products without disturbing the delicate balance of nature. This ensures that every offering from Truwood bears the unmistakable charisma & aura of a quality product.
Quality is good. Truwood is better.

Quality is good. Truwood is better