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Transforming timber to finely crafted veneers is an intricate process involving a comprehensive working knowledge of wood species, textures and grains. Usually veneers are available in longitudinal grains but we, at Truwood, do not believe in restricting ourselves to the oft-trodden path. Instead, we have done the unthinkable.

We created a very special range that urges you to broaden your horizons.

Presenting Truwood Symmetry – a range of stunning veneers crafted in a transverse (or horizontal) manner.
Avant-garde Style
A novel approach to regular veneer applications, Truwood Symmetry offers a pleasing to the eye finish that is as harmonious as it is dramatic. While using its richly grained form to best advantage is indeed an appealing prospect you cannot help but be just a bit scrupulous about the manner in which you use this veneer. After all, Truwood Symmetry is designed to leave a lasting impact and you certainly wouldn’t want it any other way.
Embrace Change
A dramatic change from the ordinary, this journey of transformation starts at the most basic level for the horizontal grain pattern is but an outcome of the manner in which the log is cut. This technique, coupled with an unconventional matching system, is what gives Truwood Symmetry its astonishing symmetry.

Nearly all existing Truwood veneers are available in Symmetry. Do take time to peruse our extensive catalogue to make your selection.
Horizontal Veneers