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Amazing Amazon Veneers


The lush rainforests of the Amazon are nature’s own palette throwing up a dazzling mélange of vivid colours and stunning imagery. In keeping with its quest for constant innovation, Truwood adventures into the heart of amazing Amazonia to bring you Brasil Amazing Veneers– a collection of richly grained veneers sourced from the deep recesses of the Amazon rainforests.
Offering a Touch of the Tropical
Truwood has always been at the vanguard of bringing the latest to Indian shores, offering you a range of imported European, South-East Asian and African veneers. With the launch of Brasil Veneers Truwood adds another feather to its cap by becoming the first Indian manufacturer to import top quality veneers from the dense tropical jungles of Brazil and Chile. Bringing more than just a whiff of the Amazon, you can relish the luxurious touch of tropical wood in a variety of scrumptious textures and species.
Preserving the Heritage of the Amazon
The largest in terms of volume and second in length only to the Nile, the Amazon nurtures a delicate eco system that is by far the largest and most verdant rainforest in the world. Unfortunately indiscriminate felling is depleting vast swathes of the rainforests of its natural resources. We, at Truwood, firmly believe in conservation and Brasil Veneer, sourced from well-managed forests, offers you the lustrous feel of natural wood and helps protect a fragile ecology .