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Combining state-of-the-art technology with years of expertise, Truwood is proud to unveil an exclusive new range of plywood designed to guarantee you peace of mind.

Truly a Class Apart
Exceeding the expectations of the most exacting of customers, Truwood Royale is plywood truly at its best.  In addition to ISO 9001 & 14001, Truwood Royale comes to you with OHSAS 18001 & CE certification – the European standard of quality. Truwood Royale Plywood is a material of choice when it comes to quality construction. Preferred by architects, master-builders, Interior Designers, Furniture Manufacturers, and Home Owners, Truwood Royale comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Manufactured at our advanced, fully integrated facilities under expert supervision, Truwood Royale is synonymous with Premium quality. A series of special manufacturing processes ensures that Truwood Royale transcends the parameters imposed by IS: 710:1976, be it in its unparalleled durability, enhanced tensile strength or absolute immunity to moisture and micro-organisms. Royale is touchstone for excellence.


100% Gurjan, 100% Premium

The harder the timber, the tougher the core, the stronger the plywood. Each layer of Truwood Royale is of Gurjan veneers – a high density tropical hardwood. Unlike plantation timber, Gurjan veneer is peeled from fully matured logs (more than 80 -100 years old) providing unprecedented strength to the plywood. In addition, these veneers are compressed in a temperature – pressure controlled press to yield a panel which is Homogenous & Highly Densified with a density of above 850kg/ m3, greatly superseding standard IS requirements.

Super Strong & Superior Durability
Each layer of Truwood Royale consists of machine composed core and full length panels ensuring Zero Gap. Further, a thicker surface (1.2 mm face), a veneer-to-veneer ratio of 1:2 and increased glue lines lend it a greater impact resistance and stability. Engineered to rough it out Truwood Royale is able to take an additional load without bending or loosing its original shape and is therefore the ideal choice for rugged construction work as it can withstand heavy loads, sudden jolts and even the vibrations caused by the pouring of cement.
The FTP-plus advantage
The application of undiluted, unextended thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resins ensures a 100% Boiling Water Proof warp free panel because of its non- hygroscopic properties and greatly reduces the chances of swelling and shrinkage in humid conditions. Each Truwood Royale veneer is treated in a hot press under extreme temperature and pressure to combat alternate wetting/drying conditions and to reduce wood's natural hygroscopic tendencies.
Furthermore, Truwood Royale is treated with the proprietary FTP technology wherein each individual layer of core is treated with a special preservative under high pressure. The plies are then reinforced with permanent type preservatives (as per IS:5539::1969) while extra number of glue lines between the plies offers greater resistance to biological attacks. Working in a unique dual manner, FTP uses highly durable preservatives in the manufacturing stage itself, to protect the ply from the Inside and Outside – providing Total Suraksha - making it virtually invulnerable to micro –organism.
Excellent Core Engineering & Construction
Excellent Core engineering & Construction not only ensure a Zero Gap Plywood but also impart superior characteristics to Truwood Royale. Boasting of a high level of elasticity (8500 N/mm2 along the grain & 6000-N/mm2 across the grain of the surface veneer), enhanced tensile strength (around 550 kg/cm2 along the grain and 500kg/cm2 across the grain of the surface veneer) and greater resistance to bending (around 55-60-N/mm2 along the grain and 45-50-N/mm2 across the grain of the surface veneer), Truwood Royale possesses an innate toughness. It therefore finds use in numerous residential and commercial applications. It is ideal for crafting elegant, long lasting furniture & wood work.
Discover a lasting relationship
The preferred choice of homeowners and experts alike, Truwood Royale's resilient properties lend it to a variety of uses. From furniture and home construction to reconstruction work and the modernisation of old houses and buildings, high density Truwood Royale is also well suited for the rigors of concrete shuttering and formwork. Coming to you with a Lifetime Guarantee Truwood Royale offers you a rare privilege - total peace of mind.

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