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Was that a skull? A cursory glance does suggest that the picture is that of a skull. However a closer look would reveal that it is not that of a skull but of a skill. Yes, an optical illusion!!

Optical illusions have been around for centuries, tricking and misleading the viewer. White appears black, straight appears curved, objects appear and disappear before your eyes. Illusions fool us. The interesting thing is that we often seem to enjoy being fooled in this way! Famous magicians, like the great Harry Houdini, admit that what they do is create illusions. They convince us of things that are not true. They do not do the impossible, they just seem to do it.

Illusion veneers from Truwoods brings about exactly the same feeling. They are veneers which seem to conjure an image which is distinctly different from the individual components that make up the image. Only a closer look reveals the species, that add up to create this illusion, which otherwise would not even be noticed.

People tend to be fascinated by illusions. But not everyone responds to every illusion, and not everyone responds the same way to every illusion. Common responses after encountering an illusion include Magical, Hypnotic, Mystic etc. Truwood has drawn on such reactions to arrive upon the names of its various ranges of illusion veneers.

Illusion veneers are the right choice to create a surreal feeling in your interiors. While giving your interiors a distinctive look, it allows each person to from his own perception about the look that the veneer conjures.

We have had our eyes playing tricks on our mind while making these veneers and we are certain that these veneers would surely play a trick or two to your interiors.  

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