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Mosaic is an ancient yet contemporary art form which uses individual pieces of materials placed together to create a unified whole. The materials commonly used are glass, ceramic, marble, pebble, mirror, shells and china.

Success in the art of Mosaic depends upon the Contrast, Size, Color & Texture of the materials used.

is the key to creating a strong piece of work; between pattern and background, border and central pattern, within images and patterns to create fine definitions and strong outlines.

Size should be chosen with taking care that they are large enough to give impact and yet small enough to give detail.

Color: Areas of strong definite color against each other give strength to the design; shades of one color give vibrational quality and depth

Texture: Create textures by combining different quality materials. For example, put matte and glazed ceramic together to create tones of a color or reconstruct the patterning on broken china to create interest.



Truwood is proud to launch the Mosaic range of veneers. This range uses the same interplay of Contrast, Size, Colour & Texture to create rippling designs. As the name suggests, Mosaic veneers is a combination of veneers carefully chosen to create the right contrast & design to suit modern interiors. You can choose from a wide range of Truwood Mosaic Veneers.

Truwood also has the possibility of customizing a Mosaic for you*, ensuring that you can let your imagination run wild.


*subject to minimum quantity requirements