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A mix of Black & white has always been a classic combination. But, recent trends suggest that brown is the new black while warm cream has taken over white! Leading designers and architects agree that this is one trend that won't go out of style soon. This translates to Dark toned Veneers being the future.

Truwood has consistently endeavored to offer veneer selections matching the latest worldwide trends. We do understand that trends come and go, but this is one trend which promises to be classic. And classics are timeless. Taking cue from such trends, Truwood is proud to unveil the range of Cappuccino Veneers - a lip smacking menu of dark toned veneers with cream hues. Truwood Cappuccino Veneers are more than just a whiff of Dark Veneers. Relish your cup of cappuccino in a variety of flavors, just the one to suit your taste.

Just as each coffee displays a distinctive flavour, each of the Truwood Cappuccino Veneers has a unique characteristic. Signature flavors include Burnt Bean Oak, Rich and Dark Wenge, Rich Cocoa and Vanilla Ebony, Caramel Cocoa Walnut. Each flavour more refreshing than the next.

Truly, you will be hard-pressed for choice. But let our Cappuccino Veneers do the talking.

Truwood Cappuccino Veneers are 100% environment friendly and "FSC" certified.


The Cappuccino Range

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