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Color, Style, Fashion, Decor, Glamour, Extravaganza -Movies use these and more, to often create a larger than life scenario to influence its audience.

What is shown on the silver screen often makes its way into our own lives on some level-be it clothes, fashion accessories or interiors. From futuristic visions to historical recreations to complete fantasy, movies are often our visual muse, inspiring us to create our homes to embody what we see ourselves to be and hope to become. And even more importantly, movies sometime open our eyes to bold, daring, or just plain wild decor possibilities we might have never considered until cinema's charms have convinced us otherwise.

The influences of movies are omnipresent; they can be seen in everything from haute couture fashion to street wear; from themed restaurants to designer homes. Its now commonplace to see influence of movies in our everyday living-be it fashion accessories or interiors of homes, reflecting what we see in the movies.

The 70's & 80's saw fashion which was either everyman clothing or way over the top garish. Then slowly in the 90's, the hemlines went up and the necklines plunged a bit and now the clothes were not required to be rented from the dresswala but to be picked up from a boutique. Similarly, Designers & Architects made it big in movie production process and created a new path, where homes were no more the standard studio sets but were custom designed based on the personality of the protagonist of the film.

A color of every mood and a theme for every occasion are the underlying mantra in almost all movies. Earthy hues for a sophisticated setting or ripples for a teens room; flowing satin depicting a romantic mood or a royal tweed for a flashback mode. In the same vein, Truwood is pleased to launch MOVIE VENEERS, as a part of the simultaneous worldwide launch. Veneers suited for every occassion and mood. Veneers that would launch movies and thereby new interior trends as well. Acase of art imitating life and vice versa !!

Just as 24 frames every second make a movie, MOVIE VENEERS are available in 24 designs.   

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