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The Miracle Product

Assume for a moment that wood had never existed... plenty of stone, metal, glass... everything... but no wood. Suddenly out of the research laboratories comes an amazing new product. It is available in unimaginable quantities. The supply renews itself... if not abused, a never-ending supply. It is strongly competitive in cost. It does not shatter and its resilience permits it to absorb shock that would rupture or break other materials. It has fine natural insulating qualities. It can be produced in large sizes and/or laminated for sheer strength. It stands up ruggedly almost indefinitely. It has aesthetic qualities of a range in nature and character that will not be copied by man, because man can only produce the stereotype. It is the ideal surface for painting. It works into all nature of articles (from usefully rugged to beautifully delicate) with the simplest of tools.

It possesses a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio.

It laminates well with good adhesive. It engages the thread of a screw or grips a dowel pin or nail forced into it.

Then, too, left in its natural state, it provides rest and refuge for man and beast, protection of water sheds, and even fuel, if need be. The small parts of which it is constituted may be taken apart and put back together again in other forms... paper, for instance.

Wouldn’t that be the most remarkable discovery?

Our most fabulous natural resource is often taken for granted. Without trees (wood), life as we know it would not be possible.