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The Beauty and Character of Wood

It is as difficult to adequately describe the natural beauty and character of wood as it is to describe an original painting or other work of art. In fact, this is more than a passing comparison. A tree and a painting are both originals, and each is the only one of its kind.

The beauty and individuality of real wood defies imitation and lends a special quality to each piece. Each tree yields lumber and veneer with its own individual structure, grain patterns, and character marks. These “fingerprints of nature” are the badges of the genuine article and separate real wood from the imitations. The natural appeal and warmth of real wood is inherent in all species and these characteristics cannot be approached in any other material.

General and basic characteristics within species are constant, but there are many variables in growth and appearance resulting from the local climate and soil conditions. The wider the growth range of a species over the earth’s surface, the greater the variance in many superficial characteristics of the timber.