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0.6mm thick
Borer free
Borer (the INSIDE nemesis)

Plywood is made of certain numbers of core plies depending upon the thickness. These Core plies are generally embedded with borer Eggs. These Borer eggs even survive during high temperature & pressure during manufacturing stage. After certain time borers are born inside the ply and they start eating the ply from inside Ordinary ply gets affected by borers sooner or later under favorable conditions.

Termite (the OUTSIDE nemesis)

Ply is prone to Termite attack as termite attacks untreated wood. Termite enters/attacks Ply from outside and they go deep inside the Plywood eating them bit by bit.

The Temporary solution:

Chemical when injected treats limited surrounding area where these are applied. Chemical injection cannot be applied to entire ply area as plies are pressed at High pressure and normal injection methods fails to cover entire area. Chemical injected into ply through various methods evaporates within 1 year of its application. Chemicals when applied only on surface area it can only Stops the spread of Borer & termite for certain period but only on external surfaces.

The FTP Technology (TOTAL Suraksha)

With the introduction of new Formula for Total Protection (FTP) Truwood has developed a technology & with Special preservatives which works as below:

• Ply consists of various layers of core not exceeding 2.5mm thick

• Each Ply layer is bonded with specially Formulated glue.
The FTP technology works in 2 unique way:

• All plies (core) are treated with High pressure which enables the preservative to penetrate 1.25mm on both side thus making TOTAL penetration in each plies from OUTSIDE. And give it a Total Protection from Borer & Termite. Special Preservative is added in special formulated glue which bonds the plies together, as such these layers of glue at each ply further acts as preservative layer from INSIDE and make it almost immune to Borer & Termite.

• With total protection from INSIDE as well as from OUTSIDE Truwood products treated with this technology is completely protected.

Advantage Truwood