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Group Philosophy
The Truwood Team

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Group Philosophy

All Truwood group companies share a common objective – to harness the infinite strength and glory of nature and in the process enrich lives of millions. This makes the group stand on an ecologically & ethically sound footing.

The Group realizes that wood is much more than just a raw material. Wood has the power to add warmth and character to any interiors & can take a multitude of shapes, limited by ones’ imagination. Wood is the only renewable building material & it takes a great deal to ensure that this legacy left to us by our forefathers remains productive to the future generations as well.

Good products and good sales alone are not enough. We believe in building a relationship with our customers. Our business is based on our customers and the ways in which we can offer them a better experience, both in terms of the product and the service. Our customer’s needs determine our production, and all our activities starting from procurement of raw material. These values form the platform and the tools to shape & implement the group’s strategy.